Bungie Sends A Sick Kid A HALO Care Package.

From EGM:


Halo care package

When a sick child’s father reached out to Bungie for help cheering up his son, Bungie responded in spades.

Two weeks ago, a Seattle father sought contact with Bungie through Reddit, expressing how his child’s recent recovery from a liver transplant had been “a bumpy two days.” Naturally, the father wanted to cheer up his son, a bigHalo fan. So with the help of other Reddit users, the father (Reddit username “fiscal_”) got in touch with Bungie.

Bungie’s response was more than generous—it was borderline altruistic. They send the recovering child a care package that contained a full-sized, detailed replica of Carter’s helmet from Halo: Reach, Halo t-shirts and a card filled with well wishes from the Bungie staff.

An album on Imgur uploaded by his father shows the young man enjoying his Halo haul.

“This is Christine from Bungie,” reads one of the photo’s caption. “I can’t begin to thank her enough, my son was a different person after her visit. Bungie, thank you!”


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