Lightning Swords of Death “Baphometic Chaosium” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Do you guys always wear sunglasses? Why does that bother me so much? Oh well. Lightning Swords of Death is a blend of Watain, Goatwhore and Behemoth…crusty blackened thrash death greatness. Here is the video for their song “Baphometic Chaosium”.

Lightning Swords of Death “Baphometic Chaosium”. This is the band’s first ever music video and was directed by co-founder and lead vocalist, Autarch (aka the metal illustrator, Farron Loathing). The project, which also marks Autarch’s directorial debut, is the result of a partnership between Farron Loathing and Mortichrome Films. It is described by its creator as “a psycho-dramatic interpretation of the Mass of Chaos and the invocation of Baphomet as performed by a collective of ritual performance artists.”

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