Album Reviews: Deus Otiosus & Vultress

Deus-Otiosus-Godless-DeepsendDanish death metal band Deus Otiosus unleashed their latest album “Godless” and it’s a headbangers wet dream. A bit like “Exhumed” in many ways only with a lower tone, Deus Otiosus gives the listener song after song of incredibly heavy music. It’s pretty damn heavy and given the fact that’s it’s pretty thrashy as well as it is death, I can say that it is as heavy as it is evil. Prepare to get whiplash! 3.5 out of 5


vultress - distance

Vultress is something I’ve never heard before. “Distance” is a cluster of genres all blended into one and they are defintiely not bound to the realm of just “metal”. Oh no there is a lot more going on here than just riffs and growling. It’s enjoyable yet very odd at times. You truly have to be in the mood for Vultress or in the mood to explore music outside of your comfort zone. It’s pretty good but I wish they would just stick with one style and run with it. The vocals would sometimes throw me off as well and the lyrical content is…not me. I have trouble getting into it but I suggest you give this album one good listen through. 3 out of 5

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