Album Review: Warbeast/Anselmo And The Illegals – “War of the Gargantuas” Split EP


Being unfamiliar with Warbeast and the entire opposite happening with Phil Anselmo, I feel as if this is great exposure for Warbeast. With that said, they definitely deserve it since their brand of metal is really good. Anselmo’s other side project sounds nice and heavy and has a strong Superjoint Ritual undertone to it. A great 4 song EP to get you pumped up for the new releases both bands will be releasing this year. “War of the Gargantuas” is a definite headbanger.

“Conflict” kicks on and it’s a hard hitting song right from the get go. Phil’s screams, the rolling drums, and the riffs are just entirely unexpected the first time you press play but you will no doubt smile and enjoy the sounds coming from the speakers. To be honest, it sounds so much like Superjoint that this may have been a rejected song from that era that was resurrected. This song is 4 minutes and 18 seconds of constant circle pit.

“Birth of a Psycho” is the next song and this is Warbeast magic happening here. I’ve never heard of these guys before so this was the song to pop my cherry. I like what I hear! It’s very thrash but with substance, with balls, with power. Bruce Corbitt’s vocals sounds very similar to GWAR’s Odorus Urungus, but in a more harsh, raw manner. I cannot unhear this now that I’ve compared the two and it’s not a bad thing at all. Warbeast is heavy, fast and I hope I get to see these guys live now. They are one of those bands that plays those incredibly enchanting headbang riffs. I love it.

Anselmo and the Illegals come back with a song called “Family, “Friends”, and Associates”. Anselmo’s vocals are more out there on this track. The music is just as fast as “Conflict” and while it’s not as good, it’s still a gnarly thrasher. This song definitely has that southern groove to it that always gives me a bangover the next day.

Finally, Warbeast closes this EP with a song called “IT (Warbeast)”. Another thrasher beast of a track, Warbeast definitely prove that they are more than capable of hanging with the legendary Phil Anselmo. Warbeast provided tracks that were on par if not better that “the Illegals” and this EP is full of southern thrash adrenaline. I can just imagine all of the whiskey and weed consumption at a show like this. It’s would be heavy metal bliss.

“War of the Gargantuas” is a solid EP. Anselmo made sure you got quality and Warbeast sealed the deal. This is a must have in your collection.This brand of southern modern thrash I welcome with open arms, it’s heavy as hell.

4.5 out of 5

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