Album Review: Thy Light – No Morrow Shall Dawn

thy light no morrow shall dawnThe of the most depressing and emotional SDBM to ever exist and the band to bring you that feeling is back with more ultra sorrowful music. Thy Light returns with another absolutely breathtaking effort as No Morrow Shall Dawn is much more than metal. It’s about incredible musicianship, emotion and the beautiful void awaiting us all. Thy Light also has one of the coolest band logos ever. So this band pretty much has everything covered, from acoustic moments that sweep you off your feet, whimsical piano sections, blasphemous metal verses and sorrowful vocal work. Thy Light’s new album is absolutely incredible.

Beginning with , the album kicks off with a mourning piano track, just as depressing as it is beauitiful, the album continues on with , the momentum picks up with this track as it has the electric guitars, drums and vocals finally making a presence. The way Thy Light creates such a dark atmosphere is unlike any band I’ve ever heard of. The way they force darkness unto your soul is extraordinary. Even if you’re in a grand mood, you’ll give this album a listen to and just be overburdened with sorrow, regret and endless abyss of hate. However, the music represents a lot more than that and you’ll come to respect and understand that this is necessary. It makes you feel bigger, it’s makes you feel good too in a way and I always end up getting dizzy/high from listening to No Morrow Shall Dawn. It’s hard to explain, but it’s basically drugs for your soul taken through the ear.

It’s been 6 years since their last release and the wait is definitely worth it. The title track is wonderful, it’s pure bliss as the elements of all things that Thy Light do wonderfully are put into one track. The inclusion of strings over the piano makes this one of the most powerful tracks I’ve heard this year. Then it kicks off a very catchy riff, double bass patterns enter and you hear screams. I love the drum pattern almost more than the riff itself, they really go hand in hand. The howling screams on this album are done REALLY well. It’s not awkward to listen to or annoying, they just sound right. They fit in perfectly. The song is 13:38 long and it goes by so well. This song is very well written and the composition of it all is masterful.

 kicks off with some background dripping of water into a body of water and it echoes, as if we’re lost in a howling cave somewhere. Is this recorded in a cavern in Brazil? If so, bravo and creative. The acoustic chords are nice on the ears as well. Corredor Seco translated to English is Dry Corridor I believe, so the wet sound and guitar writing kinda gives it a feeling of despair. As if there is no hope for water to come. All is lost…

Thunder rolls in and the ambient piece from the keyboard paints a picture as the albums final song, , comes over the speakers. Slowing bringing in a riff, building and building as the screams bellow out. This song features some of my favorite riffs on the album as well. It’s very melodic, catchy and just dreadful…in a good way. Thy Light takes the beauty from ambient black metal, the depressing content from doom and rolls it into one fat joint for you to take in. I dare you to find a more diverse album within this genre. The raw emotion, sound and execution is beyond anything I had hoped for with their new release.

I don’t mean to give this album such a blowjob, but it truly is that good. The only downfall this album has is that it is so good, it goes by too fast. 5 songs clocking in around 40 minutes of music just flies by. Still, it’s good enough that you’ll want to press the play button as soon as the music stops.

5 out of 5

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  • Samuel Robert Schroeder

    “I don’t mean to give this album such a blowjob”. I’ll keep that line.