Album Review: The Black Dahlia Murder – Everblack

The Black Dahlia Murder - Everblack

The Black Dahlia Murder, heavy melodic death metal, some hate them and some love them. You have to have a specific taste to be able to enjoy this band. It’s more about the vocal style than anything as it can be a usual high pitch scream throughout most of the album. I haven’t really listened to TBDM since their last album, Ritual, was released. I was excited and skeptical to listen to this album at the same time. After a few listens however, it’s safe to say this album has it’s hits as well as it’s misses.

Everblack is packed with riffs and their tone is remarkable. It’s truly the key to this band as everything else seems to be just there for the sake of having it. The drumming is good, but it’s nothing groundbreaking or special. Bass work is decent and neccessary, just nothing mind bending. Vocals are TBDM, that raspy high screach combined with a raspy throaty high growl. His lows are rather weak, but his still manages to belt out some quality screams here and there.

Guitarists Brian Eschbach and Ryan Knight rock this album though. Their ability to make their leads soar and the riffs heavy really are the true reason this album succeeds. From thrash riffs, to heavier palm muted death metal chugs, these two play off each other really well. Each song features something of quality from the guitar section. Phenomenal writing and execution from these two make this album worth listening to.

The Black Dahlia Murder is a big hitter within the realm of death metal. This is a good album, mainly because of the guitar work. However, the bar is always being raised every year and I feel like these guys missed their mark this time around. Still, give it a listen and give it a try. I give The Black Dahlia Murder’s new album, Everblack, a

3 out of 5

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