Album Review: SOKEA PISTE – Välikäsi

537391_585071611518740_1255671855_nNot only do I hate punk, I can’t understand what the hell Sokea Piste is saying! The language doesn’t bother me, I listen to European black metal all the time. What bothers me is the bad production and well…the punk is what bothers me. I cannot stand punk. I find it rather boring and Sokea Piste is no different. I’ve heard many punk bands in my life and no band has ever intrigued me. I understand the mentality, however translated into music it’s just bland and boring.

Sokea Piste is not for me. If you don’t care for punk, or a language you can’t understand, then this album isn’t for you. If you enjoy punk, I can see you enjoying this band. With that said, I give Sokea Piste a mild 2.5 out of 5. There are some darker elements in the guitar writing on this album, but it’s nothing to save it from the overall punk attitude.