Album Review: RXYZYXR – LMNTS

rxyzyxrA band who do not care for vowels, RXYZYXR (I’m guessing it’s pronounced “Razor”), have recently put out an album that is low end heavy but not overly djenty. Hints of the genre are apparent throughout the album but they have more of a Becoming The Archetype approach to metal. The music is a blend of modern death metal and progressive metal. It’s very fun to listen to, highly interesting listening to these musicians twiddle away on their instruments and end up creating some chaotic bliss. The production  is powerful and clean, making LMNTS one of the best albums you’ve never heard of. Until now….

LMNTS is thoughtful, heavy and overall just fucking good. The music is djent based but there is much more to RXYZYXR than just chug palm mutes and you’ll soon discover that when you listen to this. The vocals are good as well, the raw/aggressive vocals remind me of In Flames meets Meshuggah….which works well with this music. When the vocalist isn’t screaming into the mic, you can find yourself enjoying the smooth sounds of a man singing incredibly well. He almost sounds like Jonathan Davis at times, I swear. Listen to “Machine Hearts, Machine Minds”.

LMNTS is an incredible work of art and I’m glad I stumbled across this album. Very well done!

4 out of 5

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  • Mike Ratliff

    It is pronounced Rixy zixer. 10 stars for these guys and this album. They have a future