Album Review: Rotten Sound – Species At War

rotten sound species at warHave a spare 8 minutes? Good because I have this rad grind record I want you to listen to (Available Jan 22nd), oh their name is Rotten Sound and they’re fucking heavy as shit. Yeah I know you enjoy aggressive music, that’s why I brought this up! Shut the fuck up and just listen.

(8 minutes later) So what did you think? I know right? That was fucking awesome! It’s so all over the place it’s like you’re spinning in circles in the middle of the highway blazing a fully loaded rifle while hitting a massive 6 foot bong and getting head. Well the metaphor might be a stretch but you get the point. Did you like that groove during “Salvation”? That shit was sick! What about all that gnarly blasting? Man, this record is raising the bar for 2013 already! So much fury within 8 minutes! You must listen to it a couple of times, cuz why the fuck not?

That thick crusty tone blankets the notes behind the constant punishing drum work and raw vocal work. When Rotten Sound is not raping your ear drums, there is some “How the fuck are they creating that tone” groove writing happening and it’s something all you Pig Destroyer fan boys will fucking adore. This album makes me want to find the biggest mother fucker in the city and punch him square in the face. What an adrenaline rush. I bet these guys have constant hard on’s when they are in the practice room and on stage. This music just gets you going. It’s speeding through a school zone dangerous, you need to keep your head on straight or it will fall off from all of the hectic headbanging you will be doing.

So raw, so intense, so fast….Rotten Sound’s “Species at War” is a brilliant introduction to 2013 grind. Fuck. Yes.

5 out of 5

Relapse Records

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  • Juan Perez

    I love this review.