Album Review: Oblivionized/Human Cull Split EP – This Septic Isle

a2398396246_10This Septic Isle: Oblivionized kicks off this EP with two fast and furious tracks. Incredibly nasty riffing, blasts and screaming that’ll satisfy your inner pissed off angry teenager. This is really good shit though, a different type of grind, as they tend to add a lot of tech/grind influence into the mix. “Ghost of an Assault” is just sheer brutality. They come back full force with “Whore Dogs”, a tasty jam packed with intense riffing and high speed drumming. After nearly 5 minutes of incredible Oblivionized music, the Human Cull have 5 quick tracks that follows.

You might be thinking, why does Human Cull get 5 tracks and Oblivionized only get two? Well that’s because all of the HC tracks are incredibly short, in proper grindcore fashion. The longest song is a massive 1:03 long. Human Cull’s sound is a little more muddy and thick. Like stepping in 2 tons of wet shit, it’s gnarly, it smells putrid and you’ll more than likely end up losing your shoe. This is straight up mosh music. “Shitstorm” is exactly that, a whirlwind of riffing and headbanging. “Disgusted” is not for the weak of heart as it tends to give the listener many punishing attacks to the head in less than 30 seconds. “Assassinated” is a pure romance track and the heaviness lasts as long as you do in bed, roughly 5 seconds or so. The last track “Abandonment” is pure chaos, and the it’s a perfect way to end this little (I mean little in terms of length, the amount of music packed into 10 minutes of music is astonishing from BOTH bands) EP.

Oblivionized and Human Cull is probably one of the most straight up GRIND EP’s out there. Some good grindcore has been released this year for sure, and this one is definitely top 3 iin my opinion. Need to beat up a bully? Need to lift a few hundred pounds at the gym? Run from the cops? LISTEN TO THIS SPLIT.

4.5 out of 5

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