Album Review: NYN – The Anachronist

NYN - The AnachronistEvery once in awhile a solo project will emerge and it’s on par if not better with the artists main project. Noyan Tokgozoglu (Carthage) has released a new album under the name “Nyn”, which is probably just his first name minus the vowels. NYN is a hyper progressive metal sound which will tickle the fancy of anyone who enjoys anything from Trivium to Beyond Creation. The Anachronist has a little bit of everything that you could ask for.

Noyan did everything on this album so if there is something yo don’t like about it, blame him. However, after several listening sessions I know that this will be hard for you to do. Noyan is a brilliant song writer, wonderful vocalist (and can change things up to avoid monotony) and not only will he make you headbang, he’ll entertain you. His complex writing style and ability to throw in many tricks into a song without ruining it is a skill many technical metal musicians only wish they could pull off. Nyn is packed with melodies, technical sections and heavy riffs.

Noyan (NYN) is a damn good band with a damn good sound. It’s catchy, it’s heavy and it’s not cookie cutter by any means. I definitely dig this album.

4 out of 5

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