Album Review: King Conquer – 1776

king conquer 1776It’s very rare that deathcore these days gets me this excited. Sure, I’m a fan of the crushing breakdowns and ultra low growling, but usually it’s just so rinse and repeat that I’m ultimately uninterested. I’ll enjoy the disc for a spin or two and never listen to it again. Well, after 3 spins of the new King Conquer back to back to back, I can say that this album is massive in sound, writing and overall metal tone. It’s not cheesy, not boring at all and it’s made for you to head bang. 1776 is definitely one of my favorite deathcore albums of the year.

Every song is just bleeding brutality. Every chug, every snare hit and scream is just pure relentless metal and King Conquer keeps the balance quite nice when it comes riffing and actual breakdowns. There are some unique styled leads in the mix as well as Derick Caperton destroys it. Crushing just behind him with fury is bassist Adam Whited and his deathly riffs adds so much more to the overall power of this album. Blasting and beating away on 1776 is drummer Chris Whited and he can turn up the tempo immediately after smacking the tom drums for a bit, and then going into a double bass and blasting frenzy. During breakdowns, he likes to mix it up with random cymbals and fills. Vocalist James Mislow has an incredible range as he belts his lows and suddenly changes into a high scream without hearing any oddity’s or mishaps.

After Mediaskare’s last submission, I was worried this band might bore me or even annoy me. However, I’ve heard good thing about King Conquer in the past. Total Deathcore and Pig Squeals and Breakdowns like to post about this band often, however this was my first true listen to their music and I must say that I’m now an avid fan of this band. 1776 is just heavy. They mix it up a lot with their riffs, they even have a sweet Scale the Summit vibe track “Solitary Confinement”, which is a nice breather. You get swept away by the songs ambient touch and you almost forget you’re listening to a deathcore album. It’s amazing to me and it shows the bands musicianship, that they can play some semi-soft music. Bravo!

Not only is this album “Brutal” on the Periodic Table of Elements, but it’s packed with memorable riffs as well. Say what? A deathcore album with some catchy riffs? Listen to “Empires”. How about some of the riffs on “The Color Green”? Ah, that opening riff on “Novus Ordo Seclorum” is like blending black metal in with your deathcore goodness. It’s pretty gnarly. King Conquer deserve a headlining tour after hearing this album. Put them on tour!!! These guys need to conquer the world!!!! I truly enjoy this album quite a bit, there is very little wrong with it and I hope they blow up this year and sell a million records.

I give King Conquer’s “1776″ a high 4.5 out of 5.

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  • John Byrd

    I wrote this entire album musically, and about 80% of the lyrics, and vocal placements. Derick wasn’t in the band when it was even written, and I recorded all the guitars, and bass parts for this record. I’m glad you enjoyed my album though. Just don’t give credit to people that don’t deserve it. I’m working on a new project check it out, and don’t censor me and delete this comment.

    new material

    -John (ex KC guitarist.)