Album Review: Infera Bruo – Desolate Unknown

infera bruo - desolate unknownThis has been my first time listening to Infera Bruo and I must say, the end result isn’t anything too special…yet it’s not bad either. Desolate Unknown” is everything you’ve already heard before, just retold again in their words and with their sound. That particular sound is off as well, as the music doesn’t resonate greatness, but poor production/mixing skills. The drums are the loudest thing, the riffing can barely be heard and the screams are just kinda blended in with the mix.

Infera Bruo isn’t all bad though. It’s very raw, aggressive and true to the genre itself. The musical execution is good if you can get past the poor drum levels. It’s tolerable and if you’re in the mood to test new black metal waters, Infera Bruo is not going to be a bad choice. With that said, this album does not innovate or even attempt to stand out. Desolate Unknown is very derivative and plain. Some decent moments, but nothing really sticks out.

2.5 out of 5

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