Album Review: Infant Annihilator – The Palpable Leprosy of Pollution

infant annihilator

Infant Annihilator. Just plain and simple deathcore. Being as brutal as fuck lyrically, musically and creating an intense atmosphere that would make most people just cower in fear as this album is being blasted through the speakers in your Cutlass. That’s right, it’s also one of the most cookie cutter deathcore albums I’ve ever heard.

Don’t write hateful emails yet quite yet. Understand, that I often enjoy this formula. Being as fucking heavy as possible: writing some rad riffs, playing some gnarly drums (That double bass speed and gravity blasting is nuts) and screaming out a story full of deceit, gore, and trauma is pretty fucking metal. While I do enjoy this album for a few reasons, I also find it dull in a couple of areas as well.

Now this is up there when it comes to a good deathcore release because it has everything you could ask for: breakdowns, heavy guitar riffs, blast beats, screams, grunts and layers of musical death. One thing Infant Annihilator can pull off is the ability to create some very interesting riffs as well as incredible drum work. At the same time, some sections seem very uninspired and boring. You can only take so much before it starts to feel repetitive and bleak.

The lyrics….are….horrible. Well the context is horrible, the writing itself is pretty damn good. It’s fucking gruesome but it tells a story from first song to the last. While the vocalist does his best to get his point across, his style is very copycat. He is definitely a fan of deathcore, his style is very similar to everything we’ve heard the previous 5 years. Lyrically, assuming he wrote this himself, is on par with early Cannibal Corpse records. Very bloody, tons of gore, morally horrid and violence against children: all to paint a very red picture of a demon hiding as a priest to annihilate children, women and all religion to prevent the second coming of Christ. If you can stomach lyrics, I highly suggest reading them while you listen to this album. Some parts of the song feel as if he is just adding some lines just for the sake of being “ultra brutal”, but it gets the point across.

However, without the lyrics the vocals get annoying and fast. I can only take about 15 minutes of it before I just wish this was an instrumental album. With that said, the instrumentals wouldn’t hold my interest much further than that either. It’s very plain writing most of the time, with the inclusion of 300 BPM drumming and insane leads here in there. Those are the fun parts of the album and it’s very few and far between. They tried blending the most boring deathcore band…let’s say Chelsea Grin with one of the most technical bands, Rings of Saturn. There are moments when you’re like “What? Whew that was fuckin rad!” to “Alright, another breakdown into a mundane riff….into a breakdown.”

I don’t know if it’s just horrible timing or what, but the more I listen to this album the less interested I become. A solid album with a truly graphic story, yet it’s kinda boring at the same time. It’s their first album so I can only expect their next album to be incredibly diverse. This time around, it’s just too boring. Quit beating the shit out of the chugging and play some quality riffs!

2.5 out of 5

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