Album Review! GOG – Ironworks

GOG - IronworksGOG, an experimental ambient drone project that has very little actual music, vocals or substance. It’s as if they went to random industrial areas and hit the “record” button and added some fuzz or a piano lightly layered on top. It’s weird, it’s bleak…Ironworks is truly different. I’ve listened to quite a bit of drone over the years and this is definitely more ambient noise than anything. Besides the piano sections…there are no notes being played. It’s very mechanical, very dark and very soulless. You definitely have to be in the mood to enjoy what is going on.

Ironworks is sort of like hanging around the ol train yard at 3am listening to random clips of NIN noise. Not the actual music that Reznor makes but the filler ambient shit he comes with. It’s very similar at times and I get that vibe each and every time I listen to this album. When I’m not getting that train yard vibe, I’m feeling like I’m swimming around in the ocean. The later part of Ironworks will definitely make you feel like that since it sounds like a damn microphone was just thrown into the Atlantic.

Ironworks brings us the first drone album of the new year…and while it’s very empty inside, I can say that the work done here does have some depth at times. I was far from impressed, however Ironworks kept having me come back and listen again. Maybe I’d find something new? Maybe I was hoping to discover something incredible? This album feels endless and I don’t think I’ll ever find what I’m looking for here. Yet I want to keep searching…

2.5 out of 5

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