Album Review: Deadfall – Sentinel EP

deadfallDeadfall is a talented progressive rock band that likes to bring you heavy/catchy tunes to headbang to. Two years ago Deadfall was a 2 man project, Eddie Kim and Sean Dusoe put together a rather fresh sounding EP considering the metal field was being currently flooded with Djenty bands left and right. Sure there were the few heavy hitters that everyone seemed to enjoy, but there was a lot of copy and paste/bland music out there. Just like with anything new, bands want to imitate that sound and put out an album, hoping their take on the genre is somewhat different and successful. When Deadfall released their last EP, I definitely thought Eddie and Sean had something good going on with this sound.

With Sentinel, we have 2 new guitar players (Making that 3, Eddie is still in the band) and we also have the introduction of a new singer! I was rather scared of the fact that lyrics were being sung over these riffs. I grew accustomed to hearing Deadfall as an instrumental band! However, the first track “Sentinel” is a damn good introduction of the new vocalist. Chris Greene has a style that reminds me of Chino Moreno from Deftones and The Ocean’s Loic Rossetti. The singing is very much spot on from those two other vocalists and Greene’s vocals, clean or rough, is damn good. His inclusion is well received by me, I very much enjoy his vocal work within Deadfall.

The inclusion of the other two guitarists kind of confuse me though. Was Eddie Kim not enough? I mean he is a damn fine guitar player. But why add 2 more guitars? Well the overall tone sounds a little thicker, but this 3 song EP also seems to have a lot more ambient sounds throughout the entire play through. It’s all of the quirky ambiance that sells me even more on the tracks. It gives the music a more spiritual vibe to it. I don’t mean in a religious sense, just in a “holy crap, this is more than just music” sense. I really dig it.

I like the 3 song EP choice, the guys come in, give you some damn good tunes and get the hell out. One, two, three and you just have to hit repeat. Songs 2 and 3 of the EP are just older tracks redone and sang over, but it’s some of Deadfall’s best work from the last EP, so that was a good choice. Again, I enjoy the music, the 3 songs and out choice, and the overall sound of the new Deadfall. Very heavy, very melodic, very groove oriented and very ambient. I give Deadfall’s new Sentinel EP a 4 out of 5.

Listen to the EP here!

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