Album Review: Cathedral – The Last Spire


Cathedral’s been in the doom metal game for awhile now and it’s time to experience some new slow and menacing jams from them. The band offers the listener grand depth and power when they jam their riffs of doom, yet this album also gives the listener some experimental tastes here and there as you’ll hear different sounds throughout the album on many songs. Does it take you out of the groove? Yes and no. Is it still enjoyable? Yes, definitely. Cathedral’s latest album is massively heavy in tone, execution and overall sound.

This review won’t go into extreme depth about the album. It’s good, slow and semi repetitive. However, the experimental sounds keep things interesting throughout the album, it seems like each song has it’s moments when you swear you just heard that verse on the last song, but then it’ll either breakdown into a synth battle within itself or pause and give a creepy vibe as a mysterious singer comes from the shadows and steals your soul. The Last Spire isn’t your normal doom album, of course it has it’s tremendous riffs and drum patterns, but the attack on this album is far more superior than most doom metal releases. A very progressive mentality to metals cut and paste genre, Cathedral puts out a solid release.

Cathedral’s The Last Spire receives a 4 out of 5 from me.

Ester Segarra

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