Album Review: Anciients – Heart of Oak

anciients - heart of oakAnciients, Progressive groove oriented rock n roll that likes to focus on catchy riffs that force the listener to bang their head. These guys try to expand their horizon even more with some black metal vocals here and there and the vocal work is substantially good. The overall sound is good and the vibe is just right. But is it special in any way?

Yes! It’s very Mastodony at times like during the song “Overthrone”, the way it’s sang and the writing, it’s very similar to Mastodon. However, the inclusion of the harsh vocals gives their music their own presence and light. The guitar work is very good on this album. Catchy melodies and riffs keeps the listener excited and happy throughout the entire album.

These songs weren’t just written or simply thought out. These were finely crafted and made with care! Just as masterful as the big prog acts (Mastodon & Opeth), Anciients seem to just carefully have true reason for why every note exists. Every string bend, vocal harmonized and snare hit….Anciients bring out the best sound possible from their finger tips. Heart of Oak is brilliant and it’s been rather under the radar for me. I never really heard much from these guys until I read a review and found them on Bandcamp.

A must listen to, these guys create a fulfilling album that will satisfy your heavy, proggy and simple rock needs. A definite headbanger of an album, incredibly solid and well done!

4.5 out of 5

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