Album Review: Acolyte – Alta

acolyte - altaAcolyte’s dark metal is hard to define yet it’s brilliantly magical in every aspect of the word. The tone is great, production is wonderful and the music is damn rockin. Their new album “Alta” , has a progressive black metal feel to it. Similar to Opeth in many ways, yet with more of a daunting feeling about it. Acolyte has released a truly remarkable and unique album here.

The writing is more than just chords sped up to 300 MPH. This album has feeling to it. It has many powerful doom like qualities, yet can get progressive as the acoustic guitars come in and whisk you away into the void. The track “Leng” is a perfect example of this. Other tracks feature some rather headbang forcing riffs, which remind me a lot of Bloodbath. The sheer amount of build up which leads into power is remarkable and very well done. I really enjoy JT’s vocals. His range is broad but overall just amazingly genre breaking. From doom lows to screeching blackened highs, JT nails the vocal performance.

The writing is ingenious and it reminds me of Enslaved and Deathspell Omega. Just that expansive and mind bending approach to dark music. Acolyte’s new album Alta is a magnificent treat for your ears. Come into the darkness in style! I give Acolyte’sAlta” a 4 out of 5.

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