Album Review: A Cloud Forest – S/T


A Cloud Forest, a depressive ambient black metal act from Arizona recently put up this phenomenal EP consisting of only 2 songs. One song being the bulk of the content, the other is a finale that closes out the EP prefectly. I was hooked after the first listen and I hope there is more to come very soon.

The first song “Death’s Silent Torment”, is your traditional sorrow filled depressive black metal song. Beginning with a cold riff and exploding into a heavy yet beautifully ambient piece. The keys and ambient singing blended with the rough vocals and guitar riffs really give this song character and many layers of musical greatness.

The finale track “The Last Breaths of the Elder” is a somber guitar riff with a delicate touch of reverb on it to create a dark and gloomy atmosphere. This is the kind of shit that would play through my mind if I was walking alone in a foggy graveyard. Very haunting, very well written, very moving material.

A Cloud Forest is one of those bands no one will ever hear. However, I’m glad I stumbled across this because they have potential to write some of the most powerful SDBM ever.

4.5 out of 5

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