Review: BEHEADED – Beast Incarnate

Beheaded has returned with Beast Incarnate, a savage display of death metal unfolds once I press play. The group of guys from Malta have released one heavy album here but I will get into that soon. Despite being together for just over 25 years, Beast Incarnate is actually only¬†Beheaded‘s fifth studio album. I can honestly say I have never listened to these guys with a critical ear before but after doing so with their newest release…I need to check out their previous work if it’s anything like this. Beast Incarnate is what death metal needs right now. Catchy, heavy, melodic, dark riffing with pummeling drum work, bass work and production. This album is a true headbanger.

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Review: Acranius – Reign of Terror

German brutal death metal act Acranius is back with their 3rd full length release, Reign of Terror and they bring simplicity and harsh grooves to the party with their brand of brutal death metal. The production is thick, the guitars sound extremely tough and the vocals are a raspy growl style of death metal vocals that I can support. Acranius brings full force guitar attacks as well as non stop drumming with this one and I hope you are ready to crank the volume and snap your neck to this one. This is a fun album to listen to and the grooves, as well as some of the compositions and instrumentation is also quite catchy at times. Making me want to revisit this album again and again for more brutality!

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Review: Slamophiliac – Perihelion

Slamophiliac mentions in it’s press release that this project started off as a joke, I suppose to mock all of the brutal one man bands that have risen over the past decade. However, Perihelion delivers on adrenaline pumping tempo, blast beats and growling over a rather impressive production for a DIY project. Boasting wild thick textures of death for 22 minutes, Slamophiliac gives us our first true sample of delicious brutal death metal for the new year. 2017 seems to be off to a heavy start.

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Review: Moongates Guardian – Let Horse Be Bridled, Horn Be Sounded!

Moongates Guardian, if you haven’t heard of them before think of….well think of Summoning. Lord of the Rings lore shrouded in epic atmospheric black metal workings hailing from a duo of warriors from Russia. Their sound is remarkably rich for a DIY project and the music is a must have for fans of this genre of black metal. Some people hold Moongates in high regard, pairing them with the previously mentioned Summoning as well as Emyn Muil and Caladan Brood. The new album “Let Horse Be Bridled, Horn Be Sounded!” is another fine release within their ever growing discography and is a wonderfully well done surprise start to the new year. Continue reading “Review: Moongates Guardian – Let Horse Be Bridled, Horn Be Sounded!”

Top 5 Xbox One Games of 2016

15740946_10154726372015281_4241773834251660694_nWhy not do one more list eh? I do not have a gaming blog (yet I do have a channel) I just know the vast majority of metal heads are also gamers, at least that is what I’ve picked up from all of you DOOM and SKYRIM fans the past 5 years. A lot of us play games and I consider myself primarily an Xbox One gamer. Yes, PC, PS4 and…..I suppose Nintendo are great consoles too but I have just been a solid Xbox fanboy pretty much since 2008. I blame Xbox Live and a solid line up of killer games (plus the way the controller feels in my hand) to be the main reason why I enjoy the system so much. Well, 2016 was a pretty damn good year for new games on the console and these are my top 5 of 2016! Enjoy! If you haven’t bought them yet: DO IT NOW!!!

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Top 10 Soundtracks/Synth/Other Albums of 2016

st-vinyl-vol-1-front-cover_3000What kind of blasphemy is THIS?!?!?! A metal website posting about non-metal music?!?! How dare I? Well come to find out, in 2016 I fell in love with darkwave/synthwave/80’s synth styled instrumental music….and there was plenty to go around. Another style of music I found was something called…trap? Or instrumental hip hop? I dunno but I like it, especially if it’s instrumental. It’s nice to stop the blast beats and screaming every now and then and chill the fuck out. Here are my top 10 albums that fall under the soundtrack/synth/trap category.

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Top 10 Grind Albums of 2016

0008660459_10Fast and to the point, grind really goes a million miles an hour and is truly is incredibly heavy. Here is my ultra serious list of my favorite grind albums of 2016. Enjoy!

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Top 10 Rock/Metal Albums of 2016

Today’s list is still heavy but not as heavy as you would get from the death metal list. These are my favorite rock/metal albums of 2016! We have some wildly great comebacks involved in this list so enjoy!

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Top 15 Death Metal Albums of 2016

venom_prison-animus-lowInstead of doing one big obnoxious list mixing everything under the sun, I decided to divide the lists into main genres. Today’s list will focus on everything that is under the “death metal” tag. Brutal death, technical death metal, etc. These are subjective and my personal favorites of the year! Let me know in the comment section which ones you agree with and which ones are your favorite!¬† Continue reading “Top 15 Death Metal Albums of 2016”

Exclusive Stream & Review: Liminal – Fugue

coverHey there! Man do I have something late 2016 special to share with you guys. If you feel like this year was lacking in atmospheric doom mixed with black and death metal then you are right. If you wish before you make your “best of 2016” list you had one more album to listen to that could ‘wow’ you then I think I may have found the right band for you. Liminal hails from Finland, not a place where you would expect this style of music. When I think of Finland, I think of folk metal or melodic death metal. However, the music found on Fugue is nothing like that. This is wretchedly thick, layered with groove, dissonance and atmosphere. This style of blackened death doom is what I needed in my life.

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