Review & Stream: Atoll – The Gathering Swarm

coverCrawling from the pits of Phoenix, AZ is a band that is surely going to kick start this year in the right direction when it comes to slamming brutal death metal. Since April 2014, this band has been stewing and conjuring up a sound so powerful and sinister that their debut album is surely one to just devastate whomever decides to listen to it. This debut album, The Gathering Swarm, is out now on Ghastly Music and after a few listens I can verify and promise that this is the most crushing album to be released so far this year. Fans of Pathology, Devourment and Abominable Putridity will really dig what Atoll is pulling off here. Slamming groove, putrid melodies, hectic drum work and of course some gnarly bass work performed on this release make this enjoyable on all fronts.

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