Streaming: Sivyj Yar – Two Tracks From The Upcoming Album “Burial Shrouds”

coverSivyj Yar and Avantgarde Music were nice enough to have Headbang or GTFO stream a couple of tracks from the new album Burial Shrouds. One song being the title track and another one called “The Earth Breathes Sorrow”. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Catia from Against PR as well!

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Review: Dystrophy – Wretched Host

dystrophyTechnical death metal is usually a finger fuckfest of notes that caress the fretboard in many many ways, for the most part going at a million miles an hour and melting the listeners face off. Dystrophy is indeed technical death metal but in a different…more mature fashion. Sure there are face melting moments but there is also a lot of progressiveness and groove found on Wretched Host. These New Jersey gentlemen want to bury you but not until they finish off this glass of wine. Oh that’s tasty stuff. Okay let’s get into it.

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Review: Gnaw Their Tongues – Abyss of Longing Throats

GNAW THEIR TONGUES Abyss Of Longing Throats COVERBeing new to the fabled one man act known as Gnaw Their Tongues, I approached this album with open ears and no expectations. What was to behold? What was to come? What was in store for me? Well as it turns out, this sampling of Gnaw Their Tongues known as Abyss of Longing Throats is an extreme case of black metal, doom metal, experimental metal and a slight case of industrial robotic atmosphere. Like wondering into an warehouse of rhythm, misanthropy and sickness…I plunge into this album head first.

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Review: Abhorrent Deformity – Entity of Malevolence

Abhorrent Deformity - Entity of Malevolence 5x5 300dpiDebut albums are so exciting. They are the first true full length release and promising tell of what the band’s sound is all about. Some debut albums are amazing (ex. Caladan Brood) and some are left in the bargain bin at your local used CD shop, but it’s always fun to jam a bands 1st album and find out if they are worth a shit or not. Abhorrent Deformity, a brutal death metal band who grabs a little bit from the deathcore genre as well, has Entity of Malevolence for their debut release and it’s a very good first release.

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GRINDCORE FRIDAY! – World Narcosis

World NarcosisHey Guys! I’m going to spend my Fridays moving at 300 BPM and yelling about pessimism and the corrupt government. If you don’t like that then FUCK YOU (don’t tell Thomas I said that).  I wanted to use this Grindcore Friday to share with you guys the band World Narcosis. They are a black metal/grindcore crossover band from Iceland that put out their first album, World Coda, a few months ago.

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Review: Ghost – Meliora

Meliora Album Cover

Well, it is that time again. The time where all of the ghouls and goblins emerge from their dark crevices and re-enter the living world.  This time not talking about Halloween, I’m talking about the release of a Ghost album.  Ghost is a band from Sweden that I commonly refer to as “Blue Oyster Cult if they really liked talking about Satan”.  This has become a more apt description over time.  Their first album (Opus Eponymous) was a smash success, becoming album of the year on many music blogs and sites back in 2010.  It was an epic, catchy romp that made devil worshipers swoon all across the world.  While their second release was underwhelming in comparison, fans have waiting patiently for this that you see before you, but was it worth the wait?

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Review: Myrkur – M

m_1500Myrkur is a folk based black metal act from a single woman (mostly) from New York City, but you’d swear she was from the actual Scandinavian lands from how heavily Nordic and authentic this sounds. Myrkur is a bi-polar experience of beauty/majesty and then darkness/evil. Myrkur also brings out the best of both worlds when it comes to folk based experimental ambient that is very true to the Scandinavian area as we as classic and modern black metal. She handles most of the music and can sing like Chelsea Wolfe then belt out throat shattering screams on par with Gorgoroth & Mayhem. The debut album M is powerful and pretty fucking neat.

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Review: Sanzu – Painless

sanzuSanzu is a band out of Australia and it’s rather easy to define how these guys sound. It may spawn an eye roll or two but everyone who listens to this groove filled death metal beast will agree with me. This Painless EP is a heavy hitting, sure as shit to make you headbang kind of album and there is no denying it. Sanzu has one goal here and that is to rock your socks off and they do so very well. This band is great but I sure hope they find their own sound and quickly.

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Review: Fuck the Facts – Desire Will Rot

FUCK THE FACTS_Desire Will Rot_coverFuck the Facts! Another reason to love Canada! There are so many good things that pour from that country like maple syrup, it’s hard not to want to taste everything and eventually consume all of the greatness that country has to offer. Fuck the Facts is a grindcore band from said tasty country and Desire Will Rot is another serving on top of the stack of already righteous metal flapjacks. I need to eat breakfast apparently.

On August 25th through Noise Salvation, you will be able to witness the sheer devastation of Desire Will Rot.

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