Entrails – Obliteration

Entrails - ObliterationEntrails return with a death metal album of pure Obliteration! The band’s 4th studio release is a horrid, blasphemous display of great Swedish death metal.  Packed with some solid riffs, neat guitar tone, putrid vocals and a rough rhythmic groove: Entrails wants to make you headbang as hard as you possibly can while you listen to their music. Those wanting more of the same great sound from the latest Bloodbath and Morbid Vomit releases will be satisfied on what they will find here on Obliteration.

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Midnight Odyssey – Shards of Silver Fate

IVR042_Midnight_Odyssey_front_1600pxMidnight Odyssey’s Shards of Silver Fate is 8 songs that reaches out to 2.3 hours (142.40 minutes) mark, which is incredibly long for an album. Even for a double album such as this, you’ll need to have quite a bit of time to yourself to listen to this thing uninterrupted from beginning to end. Which is the ultimate way to fully embrace the majesty that is this record. It’s hard to quit mid song, only to come back to it in a few hours. It ruins the experience as well as the flow of the album. Each song is within the 14 – 21 minute mark, so even getting through one single song can be tough. I drive 35 minutes to work and that is only 1.5 songs per trip! While it’s hard to fully focus on this album, it makes for the perfect background music for working or gaming.

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Concert Review – Torn the Fuck Apart, Dark Sermon, Archspire & Aborted

IMG_0314May 17th 2015. Kansas City, Missouri. The Riot Room. Local band Torn The Fuck Apart tore the venue apart to begin the show. Promptly at 8:30, they started their set and played brutal death metal to begin the slaughter. Led by Michael Langner, the guys executed several counts of battery onto the crowd. With skilled technical display as well as quick horrid slam riffing, Torn The Fuck Apart truly brought it and got the crowd headbanging early! With a few moshers in the crowd, the night was off to a great start!

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King Parrot – Dead Set

KingParrot_DeadSetCover(RGB)Them crazy Aussie bastards in King Parrot are already back with Dead Set, with the flames of Bite Your Head Off still smoldering, the guys are rolling out an even better release this time around. If you loved that album, then this album will be an easy choice for you. 39 minutes of devastating grind riffing, blast of the beats on the drums and that trademark vocal style that only King Parrot can deliver. Prepare to fucking headbang.

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Connoisseur – Stoner Justice (LP)

CONNPass this album to the left and hit the play button! Holy shit Connoisseur’s new album “Stoner Justice” is a proper full length release to last year’s EP, which was named the same exact damn thing. Fucking lazy stoners! With much more content and still giving us proper resin filled bong rips of hardcore groove, grind heavy vocals and punishing drumming, Stoner Justice is the smoke filled album that you need. While some weed loving bands tend to go slow and steady, Connoisseur likes to churn out a violent energy that’ll make you headbang and grind your weed even faster!

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Coathanger Abortion – Observations of Humanity

Coathanger Abortion - Observations of Humanity 5x5 300dpiThis is it!?! Coathanger Abortion return after 6 long years with their new album Observations of Humanity and the first thing we’re greeted with is a Fight Club intro? Ugh. Alright I’ll get through this….and here we go. Mild brutal death metal with usual suspects in song writing, formula and execution. Songs of gore, murder and odd butchering and yet I am bored to death with what I am hearing. Tired production, horrid sound and boring composition makes this album not listenable in my book. There is so much out there and this isn’t one of them.

The music is repetition at it’s finest, with no single riff truly standing out and making me interested. Not even close. Vocal performance isn’t too bad but it’s linear in direction, which bottoms out and gets boring rather soon. Production leaves bass tone and drumming sound like garbage. Vocals are sometimes drowned out by instruments, which throws things off at times.

The fact that this band took 6 years to publicly release this pile is beyond anything I can comprehend. Are they trying to sound like they recorded on kids toys? Even then, some cheap shit found from your local going out of business sale Radioshack, some First-Act instruments and free software could merit a better sound than what I am hearing now. There are solo artists who put out amazing records yearly and have gorgeous production values and well written songs. This is just a letdown and it pisses me off. Don’t even bother.

4 out of 10

Tome of the Unreplenished – Innerstanding

tome of the unreplenishedSometimes I just want to sit and listen to some comforting atmospheres that make me think, let’s my imagination run wild and just calm me the fuck down. Sometimes within this atmosphere I like to toss in a little black metal too, just because I find that genre so damn fulfilling. There are many bands out there that can make these amazing sounds and sole member of Tome of the Replenished nails a great sound on this album. Innerstanding is filled with artistic integrity and creative moments that always shook my soul. To pull a quote from the band’s Bandcamp page: “with Tome Of Replenished he (Hermes) explores the hidden regions of the soul, abandoning himself and the listener to an emotional rollercoaster of transcendental, cosmic beauty.” This quote explains perfectly what Innerstanding is all about.

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Antagoniste – The Myth Of Mankind

ANTAGONISTEAntagoniste is a French metal act that captivates the listener with a shifting blend of black metal, sludge, avant garde and progressive darkness. A different and unorthodox approach to black metal, The Myth of Mankind extended past my expectations of what I should be listening for and rather found myself just stunned by what I heard. It’s different, it’s not what I wanted but it’s everything I could have asked for. Yet, it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as it should be.

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Review: Coal Chamber – Rivals

coalchamberrivalscdCoal Chamber is back with more low churned groove darkness in the form of gothic nu metal. The whole gang is back and driving their signature sound down our throats with Rivals, a new album 13 years in the making. Long time fans cheered while elitist metal heads gawked and disapproved. Still, I’m left wondering if this reformation of a band who thrived in an era when MTV was playing nothing but Korn, Limp Bizkit and System of a Down (when it wasn’t blaring pop music garbage) will survive this day and age where horrible internet trolls and blogs will just shit on everything Coal Chamber have worked on. Who cares though right? True fans of Coal Chamber will freaking flock to this and since when have those fans given a shit about the general public opinion? Never. Well the wait was worth it, even if something about it just doesn’t sit right.

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Review: Nervous Impulse – Time To Panic

nervous impulseGet ready to be impaled by the wretched onslaught that is Nervous Impulse! Canadian death grind that’ll feed those urges that Cattle Decapitation, Wormrot & Devourment bring to you. You want fast? You want brutality? You want some slam and gurgling vocals? Oh man Nervous Impulse’s Time To Panic has a little bit of everything and it’s enough to make you want to drive faster, bang your head harder and punch that next mother fucker who steals your spot in the lunch line. THAT’S MY GOD DAMN CHOCOLATE MILK!

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